Lesson SKG, an initiative to build the backbone of underprivileged children!

Welcome to Lesson SKG

Lesson SKG is an initiative to educate under-privileged children, helping them with educational assets like, notebooks, pen, pencil etc. Our mission is to provide good lessons and improve learning capability and skills online and offline.
Also this website will help with many practice exercises and lessons that empower learners to study at their own.
Just explore the world of knowledge because we believe in विद्यां ददाति विनयं!

Lesson SKG

Available Courses

Here you can explore the basic knowledge of Hindi, Sanskrit and Vedic Maths

We are Lesson SKG, we have brought together the best online study related to Hindi, Sanskrit and Vedic Maths for you! So explore the world of online learning.

Learning System

Learn online and offline with Lesson SKG

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Online Practice

Our user friendly tool help you to do the practice very smoothly

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User Dashboard

We designed the application where you can track your learning activity.

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